Walking In Gallery


We gratefully acknowledge our Contributors - your support is very much appreciated.

The donors listed below have contributed since our re-formation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  
Contributors to our current campaign are included,


PLATINUM CIRCLE ($5,000 - $7,499)

Phylis Harrison

GOLDEN CIRCLE ($2,500 - $4,999)

Roger Smith

STERLING CIRCLE ($1,000 - $2,499)

Stephanie Battjer
Helsing/Eichenwald Foundation

The McManus Foundation, Inc.

Mary Lou Owen

Brian and Rebecca Roy
Wayne Shepard


Sheila Rimer (Sterling Circle)


Susan Haase Carnasiotis and John Carnasiotis
Shaun Kelly

Maxine Knowles

Fred and Betty Kopf

Richie Lester

Sheila Rimer

Nancy Sauers
Anne B. Zehner

DONOR CIRCLE ($100 - $499)

Lisa Barrett

Nancy Bennett

Howard Brown

D. V. Carballeira and L. C. Walker

Dolores Carlson

Jack Coden

Kathy and Paul Corliss

Donna Dunahee

Stefanie Foster

Margaret Frazer

Connie & Jim Hammett

Agnes Hill

The Inner Truth Project, Inc.

Thomas and Joan Kanaan

Cynthia Kipp

Elaine Kwan

Rebeca Lehnhoff

Miagdalia Martin

Patricia Martin

Catherine McCartney

Vincent Miraglia
Patricia Morrissey

Network For Good

David Patterson

Pat Pendergast

Jean Rappaport

Colette and Al Schweizer

Stephen Shanton

Lynn and Duane Sonneborn

Jose and Veronica Torres

Tropical Oasis Corp.

CONTRIBUTOR ($50 - $99)

Kurt Andon
Shelley Brietling
Joan and Murray Burton
Dave Cavette
Fern Chamberlain
David Cross
Linnea Desmond
Carol & Eugene Durgin
Burton Edelchick
Linda Evans
Ronnie Fassberg
Peter Greenwald
Donna Hayes
Charles Johns
Barbara Kraft
Paul Labine
Erin and John Odwazny
Coleen Oleski
Beth and Mel Patmore
Christian Phillips
Barbara Richman
Romar of Stuart Compay
Jann Rudd
Carole Sharkey
Judy Sheridan
Deborah Slicis
Eleanore  Unflat
Nicki van Vonno
Nancy Williamson