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Our 2022-23 Season - Scroll down to see all shows!

FEB 10-19


Every day, Didi and Gogo wait in the wilderness to be rescued by Godot.

Will he EVER. arrive???

Waiting For Godot.png
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MAR 17-APR 2


A heartwarming tale of a young Italian man in NY and the two pairs of grandparents who “only want what’s best for him”!

OTR by Joe DiPietro.png
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APR 21-30

Based on the true story of abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko and the most lucrative commissioned artist’s project in history.


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FEB 23-24

Fear of  Heights examines what it means to be a man, and how one generation measures success relative to their forebears — themes that run throughout this hilarious biographical work.

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APR 7-8


Do you hear the angels?

Come and hear the music ELVIS held closest to his heart and loved to sing till the day he died.

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MAY 19-28

Designer Shorts 2

is A.C.T.’s second short-play festival 

featuring the work of South Florida playwrights around one central theme.  
This year's theme is "Secrets".

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