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monDAY, NOV 20, 7PM
 21, 7PM

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all parts are available


Enid breaks her long-time engagement to Dick in favor of marrying the charming Gerald whom she has just met. The two lovebirds move to a remote country cottage where bliss may not be all that it seems. This early play by Agatha Christie, The Queen of Mystery, will keep you guessing long after you leave the theatre.


DORIS WEST (30-50*) Enid’s friend and flatmate in Kensington for the past 4 years

ENID BRADSHAW (30-50*) Engaged to Dick Lane for 7 years and is about to be married. She is Doris’s flatmate in Kensington and has recently received an inheritance from a long-forgotten cousin. 

DICK (35-65*) Enid’s steadfast, long-time absent fiancé who has returned from foreign assignment to marry her immediately and settle in London

GERALD (35-65*) Charming gentleman newly arrived in London from Canada who has come to see the Kensington flat to possibly rent 

MRS. HUGGINS (50-70*)  Chatty, opinionated maid at the Kensington flat

MRS. BIRCH (50-70*) Disillusioned, chatty maid at the country cottage

*Ages refer to the character’s age, not the actor’s. 

**Three of the women' s roles appear in only half of the play and will therefore have a reduced rehearsal schedule.

20th Century.jpg
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