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Masks are required at all times during auditions.


No one will be cast until proof of vaccination is presented.  

the parts of annelle, Shelby and truVy are available



    Robert Harling, the playwright, adapted this play from the personal journal he kept during

the events that transpire in the play regarding his sister, mother and his mother’s friends.


    The title of the play came from a childhood memory of Mr. Harling.  In his own words:


When I was a kid, a lady in the neighborhood had a large metal floral paperweight

on her kitchen counter….She called that thing “the steel magnolia.”….

I found it interesting that the thing was neither steel nor a magnolia, but that’s what she called it.

And the imagery stuck. Something beautiful made of very strong stuff…

When I was young, my mother often sent me to pluck a few magnolia blossoms from our tree and I learned that, while gorgeous, they are fragile and bruise easily—qualities often attributed to Southern women.

My extraordinary life experiences with my sister and mother showed me that

the women I’ve known are indeed gorgeous, but their lives can be fragile.

But if you look underneath, you realize they possess a tensile strength stronger than anything I could ever muster. I wrote of their strength, joy, and laughter that rang out no matter what life threw at them.

After my sister’s death, the only way I could deal with it was to celebrate them.

When the play was finished, I needed a title. In my head, I heard that grand dame’s voice

and the way she pronounced “steel magnolya”.

It seemed right. My mother, my sister, my aunts, the neighbor ladies

—I still hear their glorious voices all the time. I hope I always will.



    Annelle is the 19-year old new comer. She has only been in town a few weeks when we are introduced to her at Truvy’s salon, trying out for a job. She is nervous and guarded, but she excelled at the trade school where she learned to be a beautician. After she does Truvy’s hair as her test of skills, Annelle is hired on the spot. She is cordial but distant with Truvy’s “regulars” until she opens up about her recent troubles, after which all of the women rally around her and provide her with a safe, loving environment.



    Shelby is the 25 year old daughter and oldest child of M’Lynn and Drum Eatenton, who are pillars of the community. Shelby has two younger brothers and was known as “the prettiest girl in town.” She is youthful, has a positive attitude and strong spirit that allows her to see the positive side of any situation. She is self-assured, opinionated and outspoken, which often puts her at odds with her sometimes overprotective mother, M’Lynn. We meet Shelby on her wedding day at Truvy’s salon getting ready for her “big day.”



    Truvy is the 40-ish year old woman who owns THE beauty shop in town. Anybody who is anybody goes to Truvy’s despite the fact that her husband appropriated their car port to build the shop for her. She has never lost a customer and lives by the motto: “There is no such thing as natural beauty.” She is a kind and loving person and doles out sound advice along with lots of hair spray.