Getting Re-Opening Right, Part 1

This document was provided as part of the May 28 Zoom teleconference held by the Martin County Arts Council.

It is an extremely detailed analysis of every aspect and condition surrounding the issue of reopening an event venue such as A.C.T. It is our intention to use this document as an integral part of our Coronavirus response and reopening plan.

  1. Timing - We will balance "what is legal" with "what is reasonably safe".

  2. Education - Communication is key: we will use email, signs, video and staff instructions to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible at all times.

  3. Health & Hygiene - We will follow a detailed list of best practices for safeguarding patrons and staff, and responding quickly and correctly in the event that anyone becomes sick.

  4. Sanitizing - We have a comprehensive guide to follow, directing what to clean, where, when and how.

  5. Ingress & Egress - How patrons enter and leave the theatre matters - this addresses how to handle this most safely.

  6. Front of House Operations - From ticket taking to handling restroom lines during intermission. Also, who should wear masks? Who should wear gloves?

  7. Productions - Specific guidelines for protecting cast and crew.

  8. Legal - At the end of the day, we are committed to exercising to the fullest our duty of care.

Here is a downloadable copy of the Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide

Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide
Download PD • 555KB


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