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BUD TURPIN, an elderly man 

RAYNELLE, Bud’s none-too-grieving widow and family matriarch 


RAY-BUD, their son; knows he’ll have to pay for funeral 


LUCILLE, Ray-Bud’s wife 


JUNIOR, Bud & Raynelle’s other son, unlucky in love and business 


SUZANNE, Junior’s not-so-supportive wife 


MARGUERITE, Bud’s bible-toting sister 


ROYCE, Marguerite’s unmotivated son 


DELIGHTFUL, Bud & Raynelle’s only daughter, enjoys snacks 


REVEREND HOOKER, burned out local preacher 


VEDA, an elderly neighbor & friend 

NORVAL, Vera’s husband 


NADINE, a young neighbor & friend 


CLYDE, a young neighbor & friend 

JUANITA, a cousin by marriage 


THE JOY OF LIFE SINGERS, a choral group 

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