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Show Trailers

We have been publishing show trailers since our 2015-16 season.  Our trailers represent a wide range of styles and tastes - some are straightforward, others are QUITE creative!

Virtual Theatre

To cope with the absence of live theatre in 2020, A.C.T. embarked on a project to create virtual plays and musical revues, featuring many creative approaches - we tried to make our shows a "TV-like" experience!


One of our proudest features since the founding of A.C.T. has been our series of interview videos.  These provide a truly fascinating supplement to our main entertainment offerings.

Audience Reactions

Our best advertising comes from the comments of our audience.  Starting during the 2015-16 season, we began making videos of our audience reactions following our shows.  The results speak for them selves.  Several of our audience who were interviewed have gone on to become a part of the A.C.T. team!

Acting Classes

From time to time, A.C.T. offers acting classes, aimed at growing the set of skills necessary to become a successful and effective actor.  A variety of acting instructors have graced the A.C.T. classroom, leaving behind a powerful legacy.

Theatre Promotion

Here are a variety of videos, previewing sets of shows or entire seasons.