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An astounding play from the master of American drama, three men struggle with poverty, friendship and trust while contemplating a robbery. Firmly set in the mid 1970’s, Don, Teach, and Bobby discuss their plans to commit a crime in Don’s flailing pawn shop; their every word (and silence) meaning more than what it seems. American Buffalo digs into the minds and conversations of the desperate, bringing the characters and their plight into razor-sharp focus. 


DONNY DUBROW (40-60) Don is a seller of junk who plans the robbery which drives the play’s plot. Donny is the keeper of the past—the store is the repository for objects shed and forgotten. He is the “business associate” of Teach and a father figure to Bob. Early in the play, he tries to instruct Bob on how to be a “stand-up guy,” a conversation that reveals many of his values and assumptions. Although he appears headstrong and confident when talking to Bob, he appears less so when confronting the less compliant and more street savvy Teach. 

WALTER “TEACH” COLE (25-40) As his nickname suggests, Teach is a man who sees himself as a guru-like figure, dispensing parcels of wisdom to Don and Bob. Like Don, Teach believes himself to be adept in the world of deal-making and business, yet his circumstances reveal his skills to be unprofitable. Underneath Teach’s “lessons” runs a current of anger at those who have succeeded in the fields of which he sees himself as an expert. His anger at the world—and at his own meager place in it— is always bubbling right below the surface and occasionally erupts into explosive outbursts and violence. 

BOBBY (18-25) Bobby is Don’s “gopher” and serves him in the dual capacities of coffee-fetcher and surrogate son. While he does listen patiently to all of Don’s lessons on how to “do business,” he frequently borrows money from him to support a drug habit. Slow-witted and dull, he is not as talkative nor excitable as Don or Teach, but he is loyal and eager to please. 

*Ages refer to the character’s age, not the actor’s. 

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